Porto Cesareo

Porto Cesareo is located on the Ionian coast of Salento peninsula, is 26.9 km from Lecce.

It is a major tourist resort of Salento and is home to the Marine Protected Area and Natural Reserve Regional Coastal dune and marsh Count.

The territory is characterized as a small peninsula that extends for about 20 km of coastline washed by the Ionian Sea, crystal clear which gives it a tropical flair. Distinguished scholars have defined Porto Cesareo and its islands as "the archipelago cesarino."

The ancient village of fishermen developed in modern times around the Tower Caesarea is emerging as the seaside resort and cultural center.

The natural environment still preserved draws 90,000 visitors a year including many sub by the marine protected area, swimmers and lovers of exotic sea and charming; a paradise featuring white sand dunes, crystal clear sea and the warm sun of Apulia, bordering cities of art such as Nardò, Leverano, Veglie, Copertino.

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